Funding measure

The call for proposals regarding funding for “Käte Hamburger Centre” (International Research Centre in the Humanities) represents a funding format developed on the initiative of the German Council of Science and Humanities which combines the benefits of individual and project research in a unique fashion.

The specific aims of the funding measure are:

  • To promote the visible and effective establishment of research priorities in the humanities at German universities on a European and international level and to strengthen ties with foreign research priorities and institutions
  • To grant outstanding researchers opportunities to pursue research questions they have chosen themselves by largely releasing them from their other university responsibilities.
  • To enable the formation of a learning community that analyses its own – often unquestioned – assumptions through systematic confrontation with other scientific cultures.
  • To involve internationally high-ranking scholars in research undertaken at German universities.
  • To advance the development of methods in the humanities – including comparative cultural research.
  • To improve cooperation in disciplinary and regionally specific research on joint issues.
  • To increase cooperation in the humanities, including the “minor” disciplines.

Funding for the Centre has initially been granted for six years, with the possibility of extending it by a further six years, and is designed to cover up to twelve Centres.

The Käte Hamburger Centre for research in the humanities are part of the BMBF initiative “Freedom for Research in the Humanities”. More information is available in the brochure of the same title.